Landscape Conservation Initiative

The LANDSCAPE CONSERVATION INITIATIVE (LCI) forges new solutions to environmental challenges through a three-pronged approach: applied biological science, collaborative planning, and field-based educational experiences.

Conservation Spotlight:

Christina Vojta in actionShort course for agency biologists on wildlife analytical tools

Have you heard of occupancy estimation, landscape genetics, or corridor modeling? Over the past decade, advancements in technology and analytical approaches have changed the way that we evaluate wildlife populations and habitats. Several of the most effective new tools have become mainstream, yet most are not well-understood by mid-career professionals who completed their education before these tools were developed. Read more...

Essays and Opinions

  • The Dorrance Summer Conservation Experience
    Twenty-one first-year university students gathered on the NAU campus on a balmy July day, nervously fidgeting with notebooks and looking shiny and clean. These particular students all had three things in common: each is a scholarship recipient from the Dorrance Scholarship Program, each is an Arizona resident, and each is the first member of their […]
  • Expressing the Future Part 3
    Part 3 A field trip to Kate’s studio: In addition to visiting Collin’s field sites and discussing the changing nature of fire in the Southwest, we also visited Kate Aitchison’s studio in downtown Flagstaff. Many people have observed this before, so it’s not a terribly novel thing to point out, but it is interesting to […]
  • Expressing the Future Part 2
    Our initial attempt at joining climate-change science and art offers a compelling allegory for our desire to keep our eyes open to the darkness of what climate change may mean for this place, while also noticing the silver linings and working for a more sustainable, mutualistic relationship with our environment. Collin Haffey just started his […]